236a_365 GuitarsDay 236

For all of my forevers I hope that I am grateful for days like today.  Walking down the driveway with deer grazing in the field, a dawn silence over the land.  Working for 5 or so minutes to build a guitar out of soybean leaves in the middle of the road with no cars to delay the process…there is a sense of alone-ness that is not like isolation and is not like loneliness.  There is a kind of whole-ness about it that is entirely satisfactory.  I know I’ve said it.  Fall is my favorite time of year.

I cannot capture in photos the smell of corn on the stalk, ripened and starting to dry.  The air is filled with corn syrup on the hoof, so to say.  Most of the scented flowers may be done, but the air is redolent with sugar.

So this morning, a soybean guitar.  The fields are planted so close to the road that pulling a few leaves is not like an adventure, nor do I get especially wet in the dew on the verge.  236_365 Guitars

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