Day 237

237a_365 Guitars

Yesterday ended pretty much the way it began – in a blaze of glory…

Yesterday is a hard act to follow, but if I think about it, this could be said of every day, yet it is done…

237_365 Guitars

I am put in mind of a John Prine tune with lyrics “Leaves are burning, just like embers, in colors red and gold – Light us on fire, burning just like a moonbeam in our minds…” (Killin’ the Blues)  It always comes to mind in the fall – I sing it when I’m walking.

The tulip poplars along the driveway are old – old for the variety, species and genus – filled with hollows and broken spaces, home to raccoons, squirrels, snakes and who knows what all kind of beasties – they are like the tenements of the farm – every level seems to house some other species.  But it not only the shelter they provide, but the broad green leaves and the great banded blooms (that remind me to sherbet somehow) that make them such desirable trees – I wouldn’t dream of taking them down.

The leaves turn early.  The oaks alongside them haven’t considered a change yet, but already there are falling leaves from the poplars.  Lots of green left, but laying in the driveway, the harbingers…

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