Children of the Corn

Day 238

238a_365 Guitars

Now as I look at this photo – I can’t tell you how many faces I see in the corn stalks…

Yes, I think that is a movie.  I did not see it.  I don’t make a habit of seeing things that I think will scare me.  I don’t really understand why I would.  There’s plenty of non-fiction going around to scare me, if I let it.

For me, the corn is the wall that surrounds me at almost every turn this time of the year – well, at least where there are not soybeans.  It is can be a comfort to be surrounded this way – sometimes there can be too much distance.

238_365 Guitars

There is comfort too in knowing that in this “field corn” (which is how it is distinguished from the kind you want to eat, or “sweet corn”) the wheels of industry can continue to turn, and that there are a million different guitars waiting to be discovered.

Lately, where I have added any kind of lagniappe to my posts, it has been some amazing natural phenomenon.  Recently, however, I came across a different kind of amazing … this photo from Paul Reed Smith Guitars – it makes me dizzy trying to figure out how one would play this thing…

prs Private Stock 18

PRS Private Stock 18 Photo courtesy of PRS Guitars (


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