Messages from the Universe

Day 239

I left the house for a walk this morning wearing my jacket, only to be disappointed to find that the high, dry, cool weather had deserted us – the way it does through the fall in Maryland.  Humidity is back, somewhat reduced, but here.  I was prepared to be, well, disconcerted about that until I looked at the sky.  It is a wide Constable sky – very blue with clouds.  Then I noticed the rainbow.  My resentment had to fade as it takes very specific atmospheric conditions to give me this gift in the skies, so it really is useless to be upset about the return of humidity.

239a_365 Guitars

The guitar, meanwhile, took shape in the driveway once I’d gotten past all of that angst – it is true that the creative comes more easily to me when I am happy.  It was almost as though the pine needles waylaid me to show me that it isn’t just the big deciduous trees that could be of use in this ongoing hunt for guitar forms – that pine straw can be every bit as useful as a building material.  Yes, it can.

239_365 Guitars

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