I Remember

Day 242

242_365 Guitars

Made in part from a wooly bear, and part from the grasses on which it was hanging. today’s guitar reflects my mood.

9/11 for 12 years now has thrown me into a state of introspection where I want to be in the open, yet indiscernible – camouflaged against dangers I cannot see.  But at the same time, I do not live in fear – I have had to put that behind me.  I want to cross the road with my obscure, personal missions, bothering no one, a part of this universe as much as the next person.  I feel like I owe it to the souls who departed this earth that day to live free, and to live happy – and to live with out malice as malice makes the other objectives impossible.  Still, the blue of that sky and the sweetness of that morning is etched in me and I think about what happened.  I remember.


  1. Thank you – but it seems a more innocent trait to be able to connect to feelings this way…as adults we surrender the immediacy of feeling to conventions – political correctness and others. So may we never grow up…it is over rated.

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