The Last Rose of Summer

Day 243

They say that by Saturday the high temperature will be only around 70 degrees.  We will have a couple more days near 100 to get there, but it is coming.  Good enough.  I can live with hope.

243a_365 Guitars

Joe Pye weed, goldenrod and poke berry – I wouldn’t have thought of such a combination

Meanwhile, the summer flowers are throwing it all out there – like the grand finale of the fireworks show – pink and yellow and orange and purple and blue.  The artlessly beautiful arrangements alongside the road are stunning – I only wish I could arrange the same flowers with such grace. 

It seems to be the roses that feel the fall coming the most – even roses that have been done blooming for a month are putting out new buds – hoping, I guess, to make one last show before frost.  Truthfully, they have time.  I don’t begin to think frost until after the geese have arrived – and they aren’t here yet.  Still, I trust nature.  there has to be something coming with a 30 degree drop in temperature…something I’m looking forward to seeing.

243_365 Guitars

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