Running Wild with Scissors

Day 244

I’m going to go ahead and give advance notice now – because it will relieve my own stressors about the end of my project.  I was reading on Noah Scalin’s website that you could contribute a skull to his collection – but not a simulacrum – it has to be something you create, not just something that looks like a skull.  So – I guess that gives me leave to go back and make up for the times when I skated on surprises from Germany or other places.  I haven’t counted, but it will extend the project some, anyway, and I feel better about that.  I was beginning to worry, going into the final quarter…

Of course, the other part of that is that I can start to accept guitars from other quarters.  I should think about that, too.

This morning, I have one of which I am quite fond, cut as it is from a tulip poplar leaf and the leaf of a sawtooth oak.  A nice contrast in how each is interpreting early autumn, and frankly, a good look for a guitar.  PRS should think about this color scheme 🙂


244_365 Guitars


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