Day 245

245a_365 Guitars


Oh, how many words do we actually have for roadside trash?

I realize that it is a world wide problem – in some places worse than others, but there is this need, in the minds of some, to distance themselves

from the trash they create – it seems as though they can’t bear to have it in their car for as long as it takes to get it somewhere it can be properly disposed of – so there it lays alongside the road.  Of course, a cd tossed to the curb is another matter.  That could be an entire short story if I was in the mood to let my imagination out to play.  Normally, I would do that, but today I have to focus – an art show/festival in New Jersey is claiming my attention.  The car is loaded and ready to go, all I have to do now is to identify the most important thing I am likely to forget to take with me, and get it to a place where I will fall over it getting out of the door.  It will make me doubly disgusted with myself when I find that I left it behind, but it will be a proper kind of effort…

Sunrise and sunset yesterday bracketed the day deliciously.  Looks like good weather again today…I can hope.

245_365 Guitars

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