A Small World

Day 247

In keeping with the theme for as long as I can, I’m still making guitars out of wildflowers along the road.  I have always appreciated the rush of color flashing by as I head into town in the car, but walking in it daily is another experience.  In a car, you get a vague idea of the white, the orange, and yellow,  and the blue, but you don’t begin to appreciate the subtle ways these entwine with each other, nor the size of the flowers that create the show.  By and large, they are tiny.  It is their numbers that create a show – if they grew more randomly, you would have  to be on foot to notice them.  Small jewels set in the green.  Subject to frequent (but not too frequent) mowing by the good people from County Roads.

This construct, just to give you a sense of scale, is built on the aggregate of the roadway and measures not more than three inches – 247_365 Guitars

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