A Walk to Ponder

Day 248

46 degrees when I got up this morning.  Autumn is getting serious.  The chlorophyll in the leaves will have to start thinking the upward migration isn’t worth it and start settling out to the trunk, and the leaves will change.  I am in my very, very favorite time of year, and I am loving it.

248a_365 Guitars

This morning I saw my very first geese of the fall in flight.  No matter that they were likely here all summer.  They know that the 17th of September is the proper day for arrival from Canada, so it is at least worth touring the neighborhood.  Friends of mine wonder how I can put up with the constant racket of the geese (it’s true, they are chatty) but the fact is that I only notice it when they leave.  There is comfort with the backdrop of so much life all through the night.  The frogs and crickets will be gone, but the sound of the geese will fill the space where summer no longer sings.

I was struck by the number of things to eat that I could find along my walk today.  Wild asparagus (now going to seed) Jerusalem artichokes, apples, crab apples, acorns, pecans…dove, squirrel, deer, geese.  One would not starve in this place.  One would have to work considerably harder than one did for their coffee and baguette, but one would not starve.   So I made a guitar from pinecone.  Somewhere in there is supposed to be pine nuts – right?  I have to look this up, but I can probably say – not yet.  And dismantling a pinecone?  It is not easy.  They are amazingly well built.  248_365 Guitars


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