Grab a Jacket

Day 249

Sweet, accommodating wooly bears…russet this time, indicating whatever – but I do understand the scurrying across the road a little better – it is quite cool out this morning, near frosty, or so it feels.  It probably feels good to warm up with a bit of a sprint

249_365 Guitars

before fading back into the foliage.

I will dedicate this guitar to Ros – who joined me for lunch yesterday after too long a separation.  The best of friendships survive that kind of inattention.  I do find, however, that her having a child is a tough barometer to


ignore – he is suddenly six.  Seems wrong somehow.

This guitar though, is apt for us – two wooly bears curled into a ball for protection, relying on stillness and attention deficit to divert evil away from us – a very good thing as the raptors are hunting this morning…which of course, calls into question the nature of evil – rustling up breakfast is not at all evil from the eagle’s perspective, but you don’t want to be the prey…

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