Out at the Cement Pond

Day 251

251a_365 Guitars251_365 Guitars

There are times when I love to take the guitar outside and practice in the light of day – and there are places I can go where I can be guaranteed an audience.  The pool, which I failed to open this year, is a great place to sit in the sun and play for the frogs – which were my excuse for not opening the pool in the first place.  I love living frogs – pretty much from the slimy egg stage and certainly into the hoppy, croaking one.  Anyway, those frogs that showed up as eggs first and needed my protection against being pumped out onto the lawn have accumulated quite a nice little bed of debris in the pool cover in which they are living.  Now I sort of have myself in a box – unless I dip them all out and move them to a real pond, I’m not quite sure how to break the cycle.  But while I ponder this issue, I can manipulate the muck insofar as I can reach it, and I can play for the frogs.  It is a totally satisfactory situation…



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