Give it a Rest

Day 253

A big rain last night means that I am not out watering hydrangeas this morning.  After the rains we have had this summer you would think there would be no need to water again, but hydrangeas (even 50%of the word is water) need a drink to look healthy.  So today, no, I won’t have that on my list.  The sky is beautiful again, the air on the cool side.  It is a delicious day for the autumnal equinox.

So autumn is like a closing down, right?  Like getting ready to hibernate, regenerate, renew?  Someone really needs to tell the weeds in the walkway – even the wee, lovely weeds like the violets, that it is time to give it a rest…I need a few months for a break on this…it seems fair.  I’d say that yes, I need to really work on regenerating my enthusiasm for weeding…253_365 Guitars

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