In the Aggregate

Day 254

254a_365 Guitars

Another  beautiful morning, though it looks like it might cloud up later – I don’t know.  A good morning for an early walk, anyway.

254_365 GuitarsThe road out front of the farm is tar and chip, or so they call it – a relatively soft mess of goo that potholes and buckles in bad weather, but beats a dirt road by a long shot.  Interestingly, things pitched out or dropped tend to get sort of mosaic-ed into it, but often you can pry them out and leave only the imprint  – and take the tire puncture in the rough home and properly dispose of it.  And unlike the grubs that are migrating, I will stop and pick up the snail – photo him in a guitar and take him to a much safer place.  He doesn’t really need to be a part of our own little Berea tar pit…though I’ll be doggoned if I know what he is doing laying in the road…



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