Comfort Zone

Day 255

255_365 GuitarsThe cornflowers continue to bloom along the fields of drying corn.  It is chicory, and it is probably only called cornflower locally, but it remains beautiful and blue in the changing year.  So of course it ranks among the flower guitars.  It is not only a pretty thing, but it is a sure way to extend the life of my coffee supply in case of emergency.  Coffee with chicory is best served with beignet (and fresh squeezed orange juice) at the Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, of course, still it is a back up resource if it ever comes to it…a small comfort stored somewhere in my psyche…


  1. I remember the name cornflower from further west (corn country) but I don’t remember that. My key point is my lack of memory, not you being right/wrong.

    • Not to worry, David – the problem with the common names of flowers is that cornflower in Maryland may be an entirely different species from cornflower anywhere else. It makes none of us wrong – which works for me…a nice illustration of relative truth 🙂

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