Clic Clac

Day 256

It is one of those mornings when there is enough mist in the air to make the actual air pink with the rising sun.  An unicorn coming down the driveway would be every bit as unsurprising as the herd of deer eating acorns out there now.  It is a morning you just want to get IN to.

256_365 Guitars 2

256a_365 Guitars 2But don’t ask me what possessed me to dress and go right out the door reaching for my sécateurs on the way.  Perhaps I just needed a grander guitar to go with this morning, or I needed an excuse to stand on a ladder in the cold dew.  I was thinking, maybe, of Michelangelo’s response when asked how he cut the David out of a hunk of stone.  He said “I took away all that was not David.”  (ok, or something like that….) So I approached a wall of china berry and reversed the process a little and left all that was not the guitar.  I did this before feeding the cats.  Who knew they would follow me outside and wander around under the ladder discussing at length and loudly the way in which I had totally lost my mind?

The china berries have not changed from green to turquoise yet – this may have been more impressive if I had waited, but on the other hand, they are still going to do that, so all I’m going to need is a follow up photo.  But dropping the bunches of berries as I was cutting made me think of a wine harvest song from Bourgogne…I have a standing invitation to go cut grapes some day and to hear this in person – and now that I’m all warmed up, I really want to do that…

The cats are fed now – but they are still talking…


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