Resisting Temptation

Day 260

I’ve been contemplating all kinds of temptation lately, and doing so with an open J. Peterman catalog sitting on my desk.  J. Peterman is to me now what I can remember the Sears Roebuck catalog being in advance of school shopping – the reference for what to wear, the mail order answer to shopping for the next adventure.  With the Sears catalog, that was typically shopping for school – the adventures are by far and away better now, so the gear must be too.  As an aside, the adventures are usually more educational now, too – but really…

So I tackled this particular temptation (after all, she who already has the world’s largest private collection of outer wear does NOT need another coat) with a pair of scissors.  I need guitars.  I don’t need coats – no, not even that cherry red one with the leopard print lining.  Not even that.  260_365 Guitars

So guitar made, I’m headed out for a walk.  The early pictures of the day are taking me out there…

260a_365 Guitars


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