So It Starts With the Leaves

Day 262

262_365 Guitars

Alright, the flowers are reaching an end – though they are not completely finished – I have some really awesome fall crocus in glorious bloom and I’d hate to waste them – and the mums – well, there are the mums yet, aren’t there…

But gingko leaves.  They pretty much turn color all at once, glow on the tree for a few days, and then jump like lemmings all at once – no casual fluttering down day after day.  No.  One day, beautiful golden torch, next day, leafless small upright stick.  It is amazing.  Not like the oak trees at all that turn a dark golden and then the leaves turn dry and brown, still on the tree – hanging on through most of the winter waiting to be finally

pushed off by new growth in the spring.  None of that lingering with the gingko.  Up and done.

Headed to NYC next weekend.  Can’t wait.  Am looking forward to finding a city guitar for the collection.  Seriously.  In about a year I have not been in the city.  I don’t live that far away – it has just been that kind of year.  Everything pushed off another week or so to the point of not happening.  But this – this is big.  One of my paintings to be projected in a variety of venues through the city…and I’m not really sure how it works.  So I’m going up to see how it works…an opening (of sorts) in New York…I’ve been wanting this 🙂  Of course it is only one painting – but hey – I’m grateful 🙂  It is a show called “Creatives Rising” sponsored through – it is a whole new world of art marketing and I’m having to roll pretty fast to keep up – at least I’m trying to…

Parker.B Spring_5Sorry, just had to share.  The painting to be displayed is called “Spring” – I think it will look pretty good 20 stories high 🙂

One comment

  1. I love the painting. Up close it seems like an unusually colored nebula. Further away, it’s like green fire which is, I guess, what spring is, burning away the detritus of winter.

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