Beating the Mower

Day 264

264a_365 GuitarsI’ve been thinking about getting out into the middle of the field and picking some of the wheat since the wheat was ready – and that was some time ago.  We only plant it for the birds and beasts, so where it is long since harvested elsewhere, it still stands here.  But a fall chore on this farm is to mow that front field – and to do so early enough that there is still some growing season left for the grasses – both so that there is feed for the deer and geese, and so that they are tall enough so that when the snows come they lay over under the snow and provide tunnels and safe places for voles and mice and what have you.  It is the way of things.  But as the mowing started, I had still not braved the weeds and wild flowers to get out to the center of the field where grows the designated wheat patch.  So as the mower got closer, I ran out and picked what I needed – or at least I thought so – to make a guitar.  It is perhaps not as ambitious as I thought it might be – wheat is tougher to work with than I thought – but here it is, snatched, so to speak, out from under the mower…264_365 Guitars

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