Negative Space

Day 266

266_365 Guitars

It feels like a bit of a cheat, I agree – but this was laying on my desk from the other day and I couldn’t pass it up – after all, I’m on my way to NYC this morning to see one of my paintings rendered large on the side of a building in Manhattan.  I’m a little

uncomfortable with the technology, I will admit, but the concept is cool – very cool.  So here, rendered in J.Peterman and mahogany, I give you a guitar for the day as I double check to be sure that I have all I need to get off the farm and to an art opening in the City…how can I possibly know this?  I can’t.  Chances are that I will come off looking something like someone just off the farm, but I swear I won’t be wearing my Carhartt jeans…I promise.  This in spite of the fact that they have the very best cell phone pocket in the land – or, in the alternative, I could carry a wrench.  But no.  I shall wear something far more uncomfortable – because this is the way of the city – at least if you believe Sarah Jessica Parker…and out here, we sort of have to…

I expect that tomorrow’s post will be late – probably after I get home…but it should be good – I hope!

Anyway, wish me luck – I’m off.

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