New York Frame of Mind

Day 267

Late, yes, but on the day, as promised.  Just back in the door from NYC and full up to the top with city stuff – sights and smells and sounds and food and groceries brought home to share.  It was a wonderful, if too short trip to the city, all based around going to see one of my paintings projected on the side of a building – along with about a b’jillion others, mind you, but still – up and out there.  The weather was amazing – balmy enough to picnic in the park while the slide show ran into the night, no jacket required.See Me

267_365 Guitars

But the trip was filled with other things as well.  I tried to go to the Ground Zero site – but, see reference to weather above and you will know that it was not happening.  So we went to St. Paul’s instead – and I was overwhelmed with the scars and memories of 9/11 – it was enough.  The new Freedom Tower is amazing – it was a good combination of emotions – I came away feeling the strength of my country.  It was good.  Went from there to Bengal Curry and Kabob – a very, very short walk – where I found my city guitar in the $6.95 chicken curry that could have fed four people.  I ate as much as I could and got to playing with my food…not my fault.  The resultant guitar is messy, aromatic, foreign, and familiar all at once.  Not unlike New York – where you are surrounded by so much, no part of which could be removed, or the whole would begin to disintegrate.

This morning, in the vein of following the ingenuity and strength of my country, my friend Betta and I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge.  We went to Jane’s Carousel in the park under the bridge and took pictures of the amazing feat of engineering that is this bridge.  We took note that there has been some serious redecking and paving on the bridge – oh yay! and can tell you that it is still undergoing serious renovation.  Still, it is beautiful.  It was the walk of choice today for NEDA to raise awareness of eating disorders.  Countless others were walking this morning because it is a thing to do – I’ve wanted to do it forever…and now I have.  I’d do it again tomorrow.  It was great.  Even on a grey, damp, misty day it was sooo worthwhile.

Brooklyn Bridge

So – a good trip.  To quote myself – messy, aromatic, foreign, and familiar all at once.  It is good to go to the City.



  1. You knew this but I feel silly that I didn’t: you’re not just a good artist, you’re the certified real thing! After working past the various similarly named creative folk there’s the Eastern Shore’s own, appearing on walls (your photo) and a bazillion shows. I’m more than merely the quite-impressed of an hour ago!

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