Always Recycle

Day 268


Getting back into the swing of things when you have been away a day is almost as hard as getting back into a routine after a real vacation – or is it just that I packed so much into a short time period that it feels like I’ve been away?  Whatever.  I have much to do.  So the guitar today is made quickly, and with materials on hand.  I had a baguette in the freezer, which is a good thing.  But the foil has got to go, and throwing it away is not an option.  Even if I weren’t surrounded by reminders that recycling is a good thing, aluminum foil is always re-used.  If you will, a green practice that comes from my grandmother’s generation…when she died, aside from the freezer full of butter, the carefully smoothed and folded foil was the most poignant reminder that her generation lived through the Great Depression and two World Wars.  Recycling was not recently invented by a bunch of people who want to save the planet.  Just sayin’…  I was taught recycling by people who DID save the planet.

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