After the Storm

Day 269

268a_365 Guitars

I was sitting at my desk working last night when the last light of day caught my eye – I literally had to run out of the house to get this shot – and then I had to choose it out of the subsequent shots when the sky became progressively more orange under the purple cloud  – but I like the way this one can be interpreted – if I want to believe that just outside my house there is a huge lake and a million open miles – this is the photo to help me do it – I’ve taken similar photos of Yellowstone Lake from up on a mountainside.  But no.  Somewhere over there is Baltimore – I cannot see Yellowstone from here.

The high winds that preceded the storm, and/or the slashing rain that accompanied it certainly helped the pecan do a little self-pruning – a good thing as the tree is almost 100 feet tall – or so it would appear from the ground.  OK, but at it is at least 80′ – in any event too tall to get up into and easily pull out dead wood.  Fortunately, in most cases, the deadfall is in the open – though you will not find me parked out near it – so there is no harm when heavy branches fall.  Many of them are large enough to force me to get the chain saw out so they can be added to the woodpile.  But many are much easier to handle and come with interesting twists…

269a_365 Guitars

This morning – it is much cooler

269_365 Guitars

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