The Secret to Long Life

Day 270

Alright, we are convinced that this is possible – mostly through the wonders of science and medicine.  We are fed that from birth, pretty much.

Me?  I come from really old people.  Unless I do something really stupid, I’m probably going to live out that kind of expectation.  Which does not mean that I don’t take vitamins.  I take them from a tidy packet because it says it is all I need, and because it cuts down on the number of bottles and containers I have sitting around.  Opening all of them is exactly the kind of ritual I can’t get into…it is a quirk, probably, but I would rather not take vitamins than to have to  stand there and assemble them every day.  So I tear open a packet and down the contents.  Job done.  Live forever.  When my Aunt Lizzie was 93 her doctor told her that her cholesterol was high and that she might want to stop eating three eggs with bacon every day for breakfast, and that she should start taking some medication to control the situation.  Her reply is a classic:  “Son, so how old do I have to get?”  Yes, I’m with her.  But that in no way means I don’t want to collect as many sunsets like these as I can:  IMG_3781

270_365 Guitars

One comment

  1. I love that 93 year old story! I come from similarly long-lived stock where the youngest grandparent to pass away was in her late 80’s. All were well exposed to so many of the risky things of farm life. Still, it’s good to not count on that and choose healthy as you seem to do. There’s no telling what simple choices brought our long-living relatives past the various life/limb risks.

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