Stand Aside Uncle Ben

Day 271

The guitars have moved back inside again as it is pouring rain this morning.  It was actually a lovely evening with a soft sunset, though to the left a great dark cloud was spitting lightning – it was pretty easy to see that the weather was changing.  But a rainy evening with dinner guests who brought and prepared the meal was a sweet deal – even if there was way too much Japanese and Korean food for just the four of us.

I always learn something when the kids come to cook.  I always overeat when they come to cook, yes, that is true, but Japanese fried chicken and Korean hot and sweet chicken prepared by students who miss the food from home that much is a real treat.  But there is something new to me this time.  In the past, the Asian students have never come without a rice cooker.  That always sort of blew me away because rice is just one of the easiest things on the planet to cook from scratch – but ok, a rice cooker.  Last night, the rice came in little pre-filled, pre-cooked microwaveable bowls.  It was perfect, sticky and soft in about a minute but whoa!  Seriously.  Who knew that your method of cooking rice would be the thing that marks you as an actual dinosaur.  That putting a pan of water on the stove to boil would be sort of tantamount to crossing the plains in a covered wagon…271_365 Guitars

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