Out for Breakfast

Day 274

274a_365 Guitars

Every Sunday we still like to go out for breakfast.  Now that the weather has cooled off some, we are able to load up the dogs and head for town – this morning back to Beverly’s in Chestertown where breakfast is always served with a side of Elvis Presley – and it is served all day.  So I’m thinking, while waiting for my eggs and toast, about the kind of guitar I will make today.  Then I sort of got to thinking that I’d like to do a pancake – but that I almost never cook pancakes.  That lead, of course, to the realization that they make pancakes at Beverly’s.  All day.  Hmm.  I have had a lot of fun, over the last months, getting other people involved in this project, and this morning was no different.  My request went to the kitchen along with my phone with a random blog post photo and the next thing was a cascade of laughter tumbling out into the restaurant.  Apparently, it took a couple of shots to get it right, but I am delighted with the result – as were the dogs, who had a little bonus treat for all that bother of guarding the car while we ate.  It was just fun.  A very nice way to start out the day.

274_365 Guitars

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