Chowder Off

Day 275

A couple of really interesting – new, and cool things happened that need to be mentioned before I post a guitar (that so far is still as much a mystery to me as to you…) Another 365 blogger , Jill Hejl ( wrote to me to tell me that she saw my blog posted on Noah Scalin’s Make Something 365 blog – and I know I’ve already mentioned that he contacted me – but wow…to see it “out there” is really, really super – and to have someone who is actually painting or drawing every day see it and go to the bother of getting back to me it on it…ok, I think I’m gushing a little – but it is kind of like getting the Sunshine Award so early on…recognition is fun.  The fact that it has been “out there” since 10 September is interesting…it is proof that I am working…or at least that’s the story I’m going with….

275_365 Guitars

So it was a rainy weekend.  David brought home fresh clams so I spent most of Saturday making soup.  All these years we’ve been married and we have never resolved the issue of his love of Manhattan clam chowder and mine love of Mukilteo chowder – (which is more widely known as New England – but I’m from the Seattle area, so the clams were much more local – ha!)

Emptying the dishwasher this morning brought it all back – even though two pots of chowder managed to sort of disappear – and I can tell you I don’t eat that much…I had help.  It was fun to spend a rainy day in the kitchen.

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