After Columbus (Day)

Day 276

276a_365 Guitars

The weather has come back around – after a whole mess of cold, rainy, and overall productive days, the sun is rising to burn off the mists again – looking across the field is like looking through lemonade.  Lovely, lovely, lovely.  The trees caught in this light glow like torchieres, throwing light back toward the sun – so much light around, and yet it is brisk – not cold.  Sweatshirt weather, not really jacket weather quite yet.276b_365 Guitars

When you live in an old house, things are in a constant state of needing repair – fix one thing only to discover the next.  Which may be the reason I have put off repairing the screen porch for so long – I’m not really anxious to see what comes next.  But there is also a point where there is no choice left – work must commence.  So the porch, which is, in reality, the dog’s room, is being enclosed – real windows, real door.

There are three clear camps on construction.  Those that love it (me), those that hate it, and those that reach a point where they would do anything to make it finally end so tranquillity can be achieved again.  Wait, this is also me – or it has been.  Fortunately, with the very tight deadline this job has, and with good friends at work, I will not reach that last stage.  But I am familiar with it.  Way too familiar.  See reference to continuous repair cycle of an old house…

But for the nonce. the sound of hammers and circular saws is music to my ears – right outside my study window…glorious.

276c_365 Guitars

276_365 Guitars

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