When A Plan Comes Together.

Day 279

Tomorrow I have 120 or so people coming here for dinner.  Today, the last of the construction debris is being moved out – the paint is going on raw surfaces and the mess is being swept out.  Minimal effort now will make it a place for people tomorrow and dogs ever after.  It is kind of thrilling to run it to the edge like this – by far and away more so as completion squares up with need.  I have to say that the dogs are a little put out – a new door system for them is forcing them into relearning the whole access thing, but they will adjust.  The cats are more seriously perturbed – but they will get around to learning it when the shouting is all over.  They have no interest in forced introduction to anything new – and most especially not with an audience of dogs, carpenters and parental units.  So I will leave them be.  They will make it work.  In the meantime, I have little to do but get ready – and this is a good thing.  279_365 Guitars

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