Prioritizing Party Prep

Day 280

Bake the peach pies and the apple pies before the pot pies…the sweets are ok cold, the meats – well, less so.  In any event, it means a lot of nice, rounded shapes filling the kitchen this morning – and the place smells wonderful.  So, early this morning, it begins.  The first blowing of the leaves from the deck, baking, moving tables, setting up a bar.  Consideration of lighting.  Building a fire.  Cooking 30 pounds of meat over an open fire requires a certain amount of planning.  Actually, there is almost no stress attached to this –  preparations are not much different for 10 than they are for 100 – so I’m keeping my stress level quite happily at 10.  I can handle 10.  But I’d better be getting to it.  280_365 Guitars

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