When Mercury Turns on You

Day 282

Oh wow.  It is getting tough.  I’m starting the post without the guitar – I have absolutely no idea where to start this morning.  I’m actually in that place I expected to find at Guitar 82 – or before…it is a miracle that they have kept coming to this point.  OK, Mercury has gone all retrograde on me again – and according to astrologers, in Scorpio to boot.  I have no idea what that means.  But it is kind of handy to have something to blame for my lack of ingenuity this morning.  Well, it is either blame Mercury retrograde or the fact that I’m out of milk….

Alright, the reality of the matter is that if I talk long enough, something will occur to me – and yes, I have a Tarot deck, and yes, I’m sure there is someone out here who can read what I laid out randomly as a guitar.  Judging from the number of kind of scary looking cards282_365 Guitars, maybe I don’t want to know what might be interpreted from all of this…


    • Ohhh – I will sooo hold onto that. It may be 365 – that would be a fitting finale – but, it may come a lot sooner if it is as difficult tomorrow as it was today to get myself pulled together 🙂

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