Talking Myself Into It

Day 283

This must be some kind of creatively dormant period for me – the paintings are coming, but sporadically,  a new song pops up here and there, and the guitars are hard won each day.  I suppose I should expect this kind of thing, but it becomes  a habit to create, and a break in that routine seems life threatening.  At least from this morning’s perspective.  So I went for a walk.  It gets easier and easier to beat the actual dawn out the driveway, so there was little by way of light to play with – but the day is promising to be beautiful in spite.  It occurs to me that I am able to take in a million images – and maybe that is what this time is really about – a time to reload creatively so that when I go back to the studio I do something new.  Alright then.  I feel better now.IMG_3971

The year is slipping toward winter, and perhaps it is all part and parcel.  The beans have turned and are nearly ready for harvest, and alongside them, the wildflowers are gone to seed as well, stalks standing full of promise for next year, loaded with pods. I’m talking myself into it – everything needs a little down time…I will survive.283_365 Guitars


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