Book Club

Day 284

I whipped my cell phone out of my pocket to take a photo of the cheese ball formed into a pumpkin, complete with jaunty broccoli stalk to find myself surrounded by friends who also keep a watch on 365 Guitars.  It was so gratifying to know – I mean, yes, I knew it, but this endeavor remains day after day a personal challenge and I lose sight of the fact that it reaches beyond me.  Alright, yes, I know people check it – I will hear from folks who think I may be on the road to missing a day – but, still.  It was really, really cool – especially since they all knew of the struggles of the past couple of days.  The upshot was, before I get teary eyed over the whole thing, that it took only a minute for all of them to start pulling a guitar together – this plate, not that, candlesticks, yes.  They all knew how it was done – and for pure entertainment, it may have only lasted a minute or two, but it has long reaching effects – I already feel more inspired to go forth and guitarify…thanks everyone!  284_365 Guitars

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