Collaboration is a Good Thing

Day 285

When you are in a creative down cycle, it is good to take advantage of a burst when it presents itself – as happened with book club the other night – twice.  I mean really, was I supposed to just walk away from guitars being flung at me?  It would so offend the raging opportunist in me.  Can’t do it.  So today’s guitar is a remnant – of a good meal, of a warm and supportive evening.   I have no problem revisiting all of that.

285_365 Guitars

But yesterday held an unexpected creative moment as well…something I’ve done very little in my entire life.  Tom Adams, a bluesman and awesome musician from Texas put up an instrumental track on SoundCloud asking for collaborators.  It is a beautiful piece of music that made me just sort of ache to sing it.  So I came up with a lyric and a melody to go along…after all, it so fits the mood I’ve been in the last few days…but is enough to lift me out of it, too.


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