Simple Maintenance

Day 288

I don’t smoke.  I have never smoked.  I’m not particularly arrogant about it, I was probably just too cheap to start the habit.  I have plenty of habits on which I spend money.  So a smokey film on the inside of my windshield can only be written off as “off gassing”  of the various plastics used to make-up a car’s interior.  Periodically, as with this morning, it comes to my attention that with the sun streaming through all of the accumulated grime, I cannot actually see the road.  I have the tools and the technology to solve this problem.  This morning I actually did it.  Well defined areas of cleaning are a speciality of mine – but don’t confuse me with too much at a time.  Trust me, I am NOT taking that can of window cleaner anywhere with any intent to assault the  windows in the house…I will be lucky if I get it back into the cupboard from whence it came…

288_365 Guitars

And then there is this fine architectural detail, courtesy of the internet…

Guitar Balcony


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