Day 292

I have a multitude of excuses for why I have not accomplished my dream guitar for this day.  Most of them start with “First, you have to HAVE a pumpkin.”  It feels like I have been a million miles this week, and that at least 500,000 of them require that I go past the fruit stand, but it seems I am usually too late or too early to get the pumpkin.  I am not  entirely out of the running for this, however – tomorrow is actual All Hallows, and I have to go by the fruit stand this morning.  I’ll see what I can do for tomorrow.  No promises.  I’m learning not to do that.

For now, I have old barn roofing cut and painted to look like pumpkins.  I wish I could say at least that I did that – but it would be a lie.  Back in the day when I had a garden store, I bought these – probably at the New York Gift Fair – which is, by the way, reason enough to have a garden store.  There are some really amazing things in the section called “Hand Made”…

A beautiful morning.  Have to hit the road.

292_365 Guitars


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