Close to Hand

Day 295

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I am not the biggest party person.  I love people, and I love parties, but a couple of them a year on a grand scale is about my limit – and I don’t usually push my limit into a two or three week time span.  I have done so this year.  Last night, armed with cheese knives and cans of sand (as was remarked yesterday, actually) 19 of my paintings went on display in the autumn woods at my friend’s house.  It was a wonderful and generous thing for her to do, to introduce me to her many and varied friends, and to let everyone have a gander at my work.  I discovered that to have your work hanging like that, and to actually be present was very much the same as hanging there myself…it was a great party, and the work looked great in the woods, but I am wrung out today…totally.

However, close at hand I have old glass insulators that were once the standard of the industry for power lines across the country.  I rarely see them for sale anymore – and have this pair actually mounted into a wrought iron bracket so I can use them for votive candles…I am fond of them, and maybe never more so than right now when I need a guitar and a nap and the nap is edging out 294 days of habit.  Gotta get this thing done…  295_365 Guitars

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