Starting Something New Just Because It’s Monday

4 November

Day 296

A few days ago, I loaded a free app onto the iPad that was going to teach me how to make a few simple origami flowers.  I’ve been thinking that this would be a great thing to use to make a guitar.  This morning I took my first shot.

What I have learned about origami.  1.  It is much harder than it seems.  2.  It is much harder than it seems.  3.  Use much lighter weight paper to practice – even if this is the oldest and least useful paper in the studio and you thought it would be a good thing to practice with, you were wrong.  3.  Practice with much larger pieces.  4″x4″ is for somebody that knows what they are doing.  4.  Do not jump directly to camellia because it looks like you should be able to follow step by step instructions and make it into something.  Start with lily pad.  Always start with lily pad. 5.  You can hurt yourself with origami.  Well, I can hurt myself with origami. 296_365 Guitars


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