Oh! For a Green Guitar!


Day 298

I know I’ve said it before.  The wonderful thing about a blog is that I can, about as often as I wish, pretend that I am the only one who sees it, which makes repetition either charming, or a spell against forgetfulness.  I don’t spend much time trying to figure out the difference.  But I love the fall.  This morning I was wandering about looking for a guitar, but very soon lost myself in the wandering part.  Had to come back down to earth to remind myself that it is perfectly acceptable to go dash out a sketch of a guitar…it really is ok.  The preference would be to do it in some kind of novel fashion, of course, but a drawing is fine.

Today I thought I’d use multiple pens.  It felt every bit as awkward as it did when my hand was smaller, which would have been the last time I tried it.  It was every bit as unsuccessful as then, too.  I did, however, get to use another of the (must be a thousand) sheets of not-at-all useful for origami paper.  Bonus.  But as I was drawing I got to thinking about the exotic stains PRS uses on their guitars – gorgeous things they post on their website.  The next time you may notice one is in the hands of someone like Carlos Santana.  I discovered, as I drew, the diabolical magic of that kind of marketing.  I know I had a fleeting thought that if I had a green guitar, I might play like Carlos Santana.  Pfft! And I know better…

So back out to the changing day.  Back out to the smell of the turning leaves of the katsura that are scenting the air with the sweetness of cotton candy.  298_365 Guitars

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