Sleep Can Be Dangerous

Day 299

There are those who say I like to live dangerously.  Maybe because I cook with gas instead of electric.  I don’t know.  I think I live fairly conservatively over all – but…well, I got a good night’s sleep for a change so I was naturally ready to cook this morning.  Open flame.  A gigantic pile of plastic cutlery I have not been able to find a proper storage place for yet.  Hmm.  Simple tools.  A metal cat food dish, a wooden skewer a  cup of water (in case.) The result kind of reminds me of the jellyfish in Puget Sound that we used to toss at each other.  Not the Chesapeake Bay kind that would leave you in misery…  By the way, plastic forks are pretty much useless in this situation.  That’s ok.  There are way more spoons left over anyway.

299_365 Guitars


And did you see what PRS posted to their FB page yesterday? Oh YES! For a green guitar…


  1. Two beautiful, spectacular images! Yours made of such simple stuff. It’s good, really good.

    I think that if I could afford a PRS, I’d just mount it, afraid to cause damage through use.

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