Extreme Thrift

Day 302

Painting is not an inexpensive obsession.  I suppose the making of art can be described this way generally – clay, bronze, wire, paper, media of all sorts come dear – and most especially if you  use a lot of it.  I have many friends who are artists and it is a common refrain, but it does not deter us when we need to get the art out of us.  We cope in different ways.  David Dunlop – oh he of the wondrous skies – adds paint to the Vesuvius of paint already on his palette.  This is a much easier coping mechanism if you are subsidized by a paint manufacturer.  I spend a significant amount of the time I should be watching technique in his videos coveting that pile of paint.  It is not my best moment.  Ok, yes, this is an aside, and perhaps too much sharing.

My friend Ronn, in contrast, collects the small bits that dry around the cap on any given tube of paint.  He has no idea yet what he will use them for, but since much of his work involves multi-media and deep textures, I’m sure they will become something unrecognizable and special.  I look forward to what comes out of that creative mind.  In the meantime…302_365 Guitars

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