At Your Service

Day 304

My inclination is to make a guitar out of the winds that are blowing out there – I’m not going out just yet, but it sounds cold.  I’d rather think back to Sunday when I caught this picture:  Geese flying from the sun to the moon – one of those moments when complaints about photography just won’t get me very far – I didn’t actually see this until I was reviewing the photos…and it’s pretty cool.  Sun Geese Moon

But for now, a guitar.  I put my jacket on.  I was going out there.  Honestly, I was.  But there on the bar was the old Arrowhead beer tray – which led to a contemplation of trays, generally, which led logically enough to the excessive assortment of trays accumulated by many, many years of entertaining.  Which led to taking the jacket off and making do with items closer to hand that are also out of the wind….

304_365 Guitars

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