Made By the Sea

Day 309

I had great plans this morning when I came down to make my guitar.  A decent night’s sleep will do that to me.  Following a theme, sort of, I was going to make something like a sand painting with the various kinds and colors of sea salt in my kitchen.  I really planned that.  When I started pulling out the salts and putting them on the counter, I found that I couldn’t do it.  I love the subtle flavors and textures of sea salt.  I love what they can add to a dish on such a subliminal level that I’m probably the only one (amongst those I feed regularly) who even knows they are there.  I couldn’t bring myself to mix them.  I totally broke down.  No.  I won’t do it.  If I want to do a sand painting, I’m going to have to get ahold of colored sand.  The salt remains sacrosanct.309_365 Guitars

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