Designing the Enterprise

Day 311

OK, maybe it isn’t exactly how they designed the Enterprise, but there had to have been some false starts in that process…clay models that became punched up piles of clay again.  I have to say this was all I was seeing as I was cutting this out of the packing material that brought me six bottles of small vineyard wines yesterday.  Don’t get the wrong idea, this is not a common thing for me – there was a gift certificate in my last order of art supplies (which leads to a world of conjecture about how I am viewed by my supplier…)

311_365 Guitars

No, I have not gotten into the wine yet – in spite of how this thing looks.  It is just a very awkward material…and I was cutting it with chicken shears, so it was as good as it got, short of using a knife, which didn’t really appeal to me, over all.  No one else was here to staunch the bleeding…

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