Made in the Stone

Day 312

I love a big kitchen.  Mine certainly does not qualify as the largest, nor the most recently remodeled, but a few years ago I put in some new cabinetry in what is, in a practical sense, the pantry.  This included counter tops and a sink.  The trend, of course, is to use granite or marble in such a situation, but I don’t like them.  I don’t know why, but they just don’t work for me in my house.  Other places, yeah, sure, but not here.  After all, used elsewhere, they look great – from my house.

But soapstone – soapstone speaks to me.  It seems softer, somehow, more absorbent, more durable.  Perhaps it is the difference in the polish – and perhaps it is only the reflective nature of the surface of the granites and marbles that is off-putting.  I will think about this sometime.  Maybe.  But in the meantime, soapstone.  You wash it with water and it goes the color of concrete.  The dryer it gets, the grayer.  But add a little mineral oil….and magic happens.  I like magic.312B_365 Guitars312a_365 Guitars312_365 Guitars


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