Crossing the Chesapeake

Day 313

313b_365 Guitars

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge – which is dedicated to someone, and thus has another name altogether that few people know or use – has been designated one of the scariest bridges in America.  Maybe the world, but that would be my perspective in view that most of the time my world is pretty much restrained by The Bridge.  I have dear friends and many reasons to go to the other side, but since I quit my job over there, I can put most of the things off, and I can bribe my friends to come to the Eastern Shore – well, most often.  Yesterday, I had to go – singing low?  I don’t think so – windows open, irritating music on the radio, reciting the Gettysburg Address – alright, I made it.  Not happily, but safely.  I really will do anything for a friend.  It is always worth it.

313a-365 Guitars

However, I received a very special gift yesterday….the ultimate reason to travel The Bridge until it doesn’t bother me any more.  I may go again today.  Trader Joe’s has MACARONS. The rumor is true, I’m afraid.  I can be bribed with chocolate, but I can be had for macarons.  Macarons stand in the top ten reasons I would move to France.  I haven’t checked, but I may have already used macarons for a guitar.  I have 50 some odd days left, and may do it again…don’t laugh at me.  I’m pretty good about owning up to my weaknesses – though it has been said that I never make a mistake.  I don’t think I said that.  It has just been said.  I would have completed making this guitar with macarons instead of paying tribute to one of the ingredients – but, well…the other dozen met with an accident last night, or something.  Let us just say that Trader Jacques macarons have been thoroughly taste tested.

313_365 Guitars


  1. That bridge haunts me, not in a bad way. As a child, I saw photos and wanted, just once, to travel it. I’m not fascinated by bridges, per se, but rather the sheer scale of it without any cheating like intermediate tunnels. Some day …

    • Well, here’s something for you to aim for – the first Sunday of May, every year, you can walk across the bridge – which I would recommend before I’d tell anyone to drive it…It is a spectacular view on a clear day – which I appreciate as a passenger or on foot. I could do with a whole lot less of it when I’m driving 🙂

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