Practicing New Skills

Day 316

The day has finally arrived.  I am completely without a clue for a guitar this morning.  I’m looking into the toy box and nope, coming up empty.  Will have to go back and contemplate this for awhile longer and hope for the best.  But the wind is blowing a gale out there and it is cold – which makes me want nothing more than to build a fire and pour myself a cup of coffee….hey…wait a minute.  I’ve done coffee in almost all forms, and except for that moment when I found a guitar in the crema – not BREWED coffee…

So yesterday I spent all day with Karen Messick’s workshop on the art of iPhonography.  I have a friend who teaches it in Italy and I always thought I would take his workshop (and I may yet) but yesterday in Chestertown it was great too.  And it gives me something entirely new to play with on guitar pictures…actually a whole lot of new apps to play with…you may not even know it the next time I hit you with macaron …

316_365 Guitars

Karen Messick: – check it out.  Some day I’d like to understand all of this as well – but so far, it is a brave new world 🙂

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