Day 317

When I find things I like to eat, I tend to binge.  Even more of too much information…but when avocados go on sale, and when they are dead ripe and perfect, and if tomorrow might send them just past that perfection – what am I supposed to do?  Cut them in half, extract the pit and get a spoon.  Yes, of course.  These were small – it was not much of an effort.

I am careful about avocado, though.  When I was in high school, a popular professor of philosophy from the University of Washington who used to drop by the house with a Volkswagen bus full of acolytes on his way to his retreat on the Olympic Peninsula came off of some extended fast by eating avocados.  He died.  I have no idea if he died because of the avocados, or because his Messiah complex kicked into high gear, but it has always made me stop and think about avocados – and Adrian – ever since.

317_365 Guitars

I’m still, as you can imagine, playing with camera apps.  This time, I did nothing but take the photo with an app that allows me to change the kind of lens and the kind of film I am using.  This is the unaltered result…I’m not sure I like it, but there are things about it I like.  It will be eons before I get through all of the options on this one app alone – and that is before I get into buying any of the in-app options, some of which are already beckoning…oh no!  A whole new set of temptations.  Just what I needed.

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