Sheet Steel

Day 319

Home again, practicing so that I can get up on stage tonight and feel totally inadequate…last night’s Bonnie Raitt concert was fantastic.  Rode the wave all the way home, then crashed and burned in my own bed to rise this morning to know that I needed to come up with a guitar, and that I need a whole lot more practice with one.

It is getting colder.  The rain was heavy last night and thick – not snow exactly, but dense.  My friend Mary was driving, but even turns we both know well were hard to spot.  Today, it is the same thing – by tonight, it may be snow.  Over the river and through the woods tomorrow for Thanksgiving might just be more easily accomplished with a horse knowing the way…

Anyway, I don’t want to go outside this morning.  I just don’t.  So I am procrastinating with efficiency – loading the dishwasher, wiping the counters, making it up to the dogs that I was away overnight and they were forced to play with Mary Ann who undoubtedly spoiled and indulged them.  Poor puppies.  Yeah.

So I’m moving things from side to side.  It looks busy.  Folding up paper bags and wondering where I’m going to store them.  Aha!  At the risk of straining my hands with scissors right in advance of a performance, yes!  I think I will do a mock up of a sculpture that I would very much like to render in sheet steel with an over all height of, say, 15 feet?  Oh heck, let’s do two! One could be only 10 feet, I suppose.  Yes, I can visualize these standing in a garden somewhere getting a nicely rusted patina…I’m going to have to raise some funds for this…and perhaps learn to weld…319_365 Guitars

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