The Things We Keep

Day 322

Back in design school they asked us to do a project involving multiples of something set in a series.  So I started with a hand done in foam board and replicated it in card stock, set it in a spiral and mounted it on a skewer.  I have no idea what it was meant to teach me other than the tedium of repetition.   – Which is how one could look at practicing scales, I suppose, although I tend to look at that as a means to strengthen skills.  No?  Really?  It was meant to be the same thing with the hand project?  Oh, alright then.  Probably not, though.  It is more likely to have had something to do with perspective or depth or some such…

There are times that I wish I had more hands when I play guitar – and there are some guitarists that I watch or listen to that I would swear do have more than two.  Dipping into the tedium of cutting foam board once again, which is, by the way a whole lot more tedious if you can’t find a sharp blade, I came up with this thing for this morning…322_365 Guitars

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